Backward Compatibility as a Design Principle

Boone Gorges is a speaker at WordCamp Chicago talking about Backward Compatibility as a Design Principle. Get to know him below!


Boone is a core committer for WordPress and a lead developer for BuddyPress. His consulting firm, Hard G LLC, specializes in WordPress development for universities and academic organizations.

WordCamp Chicago Mini-Interview

1.When did you first become interested in WordPress?

I first used WordPress when I was teaching Ethics to undergraduates in the mid-2000s. I had my students use blogs to post weekly reflections, and leave comments on those posted by classmates.

I started with WordPress development in 2009, when a friend of mine began working on a WordPress and BuddyPress-based project. He was having some CSS problems – a float issue in IE6, if I remember correctly (!) – and he sent an SOS via Twitter. I responded, and quickly got roped into working behind the scenes on customizing the site.

2.What motivated you to speak at WordCamp?

I’ve spoken at dozens of WordCamps since 2010. It’s always been an important way for me to connect the professional work I do for clients with the larger community.

This is my first time attending WordCamp Chicago. I grew up in the Midwest, but have lived in New York City for the last 14 years. I recently moved to Chicago, and I’m excited to get to know the WordPress community here.

3.Why do you think WordPress is different from other web platforms?

A couple things. First, it’s ubiquitous – no other platform for web development is as widely used. Second, it’s easy – the barrier for entry, from both a user’s and a developer’s point of view, is incredibly low. Third – and this one follows from the previous two – the community surrounding WordPress is as diverse and interesting as any other community in the software world.