Command Line for the Beginner

Jim Birch is a speaker at WordCamp Chicago talking about Command Line for the Beginner. Get to know him below!


Jim Birch is a Strategist at Xeno Media, Inc who specializes in planning and developing digital projects for some of the world’s best clients. He is a seasoned writer and technology speaker, a co-organizer of the Drupal Chicago Meetup Group, MidCamp, and social media liaison for Backdrop CMS.

WordCamp Mini-Interview

  1. After a bit of experimentation with personal sites, I first used WordPress professionally in 2008, version 2.5, to add and integrate a blog onto a custom ecommerce site.
  1. I love helping others on their professional development journey as others have helped me.
  1. WordPress has an incredible UI and a very easy on-boarding process not only for the user, but also the developer.