Information Architecture for Normal People (Growning beyond posts, pages, categories and tags)

Mary Frances Wiley is a speaker at WordCamp Chicago talking about Information Architecture for Normal People (Growning beyond posts, pages, categories and tags). Get to know her below!


I’m an experienced UX/UI designer from the Second City with a love of all things sci-fi, a bad dancing habit and the ability to speak two (and a half) languages. I also currently write The Chronic Positivity Project.

WordCamp Chicago Mini-Interview

I’ve been working since WordPress since version 2.5 because it was the only CMS that made sense to someone with little formal training in code. As WordPress has grown and changed, I have grown and learned along with it.

I’ve spoken several times at food-blogger oriented conferences, and I learned that many WordPress power-users don’t have a firm grasp on exactly what a taxonomy is and why it matters (and often the designers that they use don’t understand it either), or even that they can create custom taxonomies and post-types to make their sites better. Also, I hope it will show younger women that there is room to be a smart, talented woman and they deserve a seat at the tech table in any role.

WordPress is different because it allows me to design and build complex sites, but even a person like my mom who is a bit of a luddite, can use it to manage and create content.