Never Launch Without Training

Becky Davis is a speaker at WordCamp Chicago talking about Never Launch without Training. Get to know her below!


Becky is a native Chicagoan who’s been working with WordPress since 2009 and specializes in custom theme development. She is active in the local community and has been running the Chicago Northside WordPress meetup since 2011. Along with creating beautiful and easily editable themes, she is fond of old movies, getting out on her bike and good whiskey.

WordCamp Mini-Interview

1.       When did you first become interested in WordPress? In 2009. I wanted to setup a site for my father. He was a poet and a bit of a ranter and I thought he’d enjoy having a public place to do that. Sadly, his health failed and he never really did anything with the site, but getting it setup and getting poetry to look like poetry in the editor taught me a lot! My clients were always asking me how they could control their own content and WordPress was the obvious choice to learn more about.

2.       What motivated you to speak at WordCamp? It’s fun and important to share. I’ve been an active member of this world-wide community for a while and the share and learn attitude of the community at large is what makes working in WordPress so rewarding.

3.       Why do you think WordPress is different from other web platforms? The community! That and empowering clients to control their own content.