Project Management: The Life Cycle of a Web Design Project

Hilary Fosdal is a speaker at WordCamp Chicago talking about Project Management: The Life Cycle of a Web Design Project. Get to know her below!


Hilary Fosdal is the owner of Red Phone Studio, a design and development company based in Chicago. She started building websites while working in the broadcast television industry. While still a news junkie, she loves to talk shop about all things digital. In her spare time, she seeks outdoor adventures that involve mostly hiking and running.

WordCamp Chicago Mini-Interview

1.       When did you first become interested in WordPress?

I learned about WordPress while working in broadcasting. It was a very helpful tool for evaluating and examining all the features and capabilities (or lack thereof) of the CMS I worked within daily.

2.       What motivated you to speak at WordCamp?

I saw a need for more talks on project management and decided to submit a session on that topic to help fill the gap.

3.       Why do you think WordPress is different from other web platforms?

I came for the platform, but I stayed for the community. There just isn’t one like it.