So You Think You Can’t Video

Jessica Garbarino is a speaker at WordCamp Chicago talking about So You Think You Can’t Video. Get to know her below!


Jessica Garbarino is the founder of Every Single Dollar, a company dedicated to helping single women navigate the world of personal finance. She offers individual financial coaching, speaks on personal finance, and produces video on various financial topics.  Jessica lives the debt free life in sunny South Florida.

WordCamp Mini-Interview

  1. I first become interested in WordPress when I launched my business last year.  I had a developer create my website but I quickly discovered that I needed to have a better working knowledge about all the amazing features that WordPress could bring to my site.
  1. I attended my first WordCamp in Miami just a few months ago (Feb 2016).  The speakers at the event encouraged me and others to apply to speak at WordCamp to share our knowledge with the WordPress community.  I feel like it’s my way of giving back after receiving such great content at my first WordCamp event.
  1. What I love about WordPress is that it’s such a comprehensive and robust platform. When I was looking for platforms for my website, WordPress was the resounding recommendation for both stability and reliability.  I also like the fact that with, you own your site as opposed to other web platforms where you are merely renting space.  I also found through my research that many large companies have built their company websites on WordPress so it gave me comfort that I was using a reliable platform.