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Recap: Nile Flores on WordPress Sites that Work from the Start

Nile Flores (@blondishnet) gave a talk titled Creating A WordPress Website That Works From the Start on Saturday, April 30 at 4:00 PM.

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Social Recap

Here are some of the highlights and tips our audience shared on Twitter:
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Using WordPress for Bloggers

Maddy Osman is talking on how Using WordPress for Bloggers. Before WordCamp starts, get to know her in this post.


Maddy Osman is a digital marketer who has a passion for blogging. Her lifestyle blog,www.ChicagoCheapAss.com, shows young adults how the find the best deals and values in Chicago. If you’re more interested in learning how to be more effective with your own blog, check out her website, www.The-Blogsmith.com.

WordPress Mini-Interview

1.       When did you first become interested in WordPress?

I first became interested in WordPress when I created my initial portfolio website. At the same time, my boss in College was teaching me the in’s and out’s of the platform. I haven’t looked back – I work exclusively with WordPress in personal and professional projects, now.

2.       What motivated you to speak at WordCamp?

I use WordPress from many different perspectives – as a content creator and as a website designer. I hope that sharing my knowledge of the platform, I can help others!

3.       Why do you think WordPress is different from other web platforms?

WordPress is very user friendly once you’ve given it a fair chance. Even non-technical people can get a lot out of it! It’s also ideal for my web clients – I can pass on a website to them that’s easy for them to edit without my help.