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Passwords, Attacks, and Security Oh My!

Michelle Butcher is a speaker at WordCamp Chicago talking about Passwords, Attacks, and Security Oh My! Get to know her below!


Michele is the Accounts Coordinator for Valet. She is also the Support Guru for GiveWP and a Support Engineer for Yoast. She is from Carbondale, Illinois (the other, prettier area of Illinois. Michele is also the Lead Organizer of The Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup and teaches beginners WordPress for John A Logan College.

WordCamp Chicago Mini-Interview

  1. I first became interested when I started my own personal blog. The more I learned how to use WordPress for my personal blog, the more interested I became. Then I realized that this could be something I could turn into a career. The rest is history.
  1. I love to teach. Speaking at WordCamps gives me the opportunity to teach others what I know about WordPress.
  1. WordPress is different from other platforms for a few reasons. The first is the sheer number of people who help to make WordPress better. The more hands we have to make it better, the better it becomes. Another reason is that WordPress is both a hobby and a career. Many people work to make WordPress the greatest CMS because they want to and not because their job tells them to. That shows a big difference in how the work is accomplished. The biggest difference in WordPress to other CMS’s is the sheer heart of the WordPress Community. I have never seen a more close knit professional community like the WordPress Community.