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Intro to WordPress Hooks

Ian Wilson is the speaker on Intro to WordPress Hooks at WordCamp Chicago this year. Get to know him with our mini-interview below.


Co-Owner at build/create and WordPress user since 2006.  Ian works as designer, developer, marketer, and erstwhile sysadmin to keep all aspects of site development running smoothly within his team.

Mini-WordPress Interview

1) I first became interested in WordPress in 2006 while I was looking at easier ways to make a website for myself.  When I looked at the PHP for the first time I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Now here I am!

2) I also like talking about things that make me excited and trying to spread that excitement to other people.  I really want to be the speaker that helps a couple of people achieve that break through where suddenly something they didn’t understand before becomes clear and they “get it”.

3) I feel that the community around WordPress is one of the greatest things about it.  It embraces users of every skill level and incorporates their experiences into the end product.  WordPress empowers us to deliver high quality, easy to use solutions to our clients in a way that nothing else does.